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Jennifer Westfeldt Popping Cheeks: Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Westfeldt began to be popularly known after landing on her first role in the ABC series, “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place”. Born on 2 February 1970, she moved from her former place in New York to Los Angeles to reach her dream in Hollywood. Recently, she and her partner made their own movies called “Kissing Jessica Stein” (2001) which they independently financed and produced. Receiving both critical and financial success, Jennifer Westfeldt start her debut in the Broadway stage with her first musical performance in “Wonderful Town”. In 2011, she was busy acting for her next movie, “Friends with Kids”, and more movies.
And just like any other Hollywood female celebrity, there was always a rumor of Jennifer Wesfeldt undergoing a celebrity plastic surgeon to fix her appearance. She herself never admitted that she did once, but people keep guessing about it because they believe the change of her face was obviously seen.
Jennifer Wesfeldt is about 40 years old now and still looks so beautiful for such a middle-aged busy woman. Jon Hamm, her boyfriend for about 13 years, never looks bother about her appearance. Still, fans and people mainly discuss about whether she had some plastic surgery like Botox injection or else.
The rumor is reasonable, though. Some puffiness on her cheeks may be one obvious proof of it, not to mention the noticeable different face in certain angle in which she looks like a chipmunk. Some positive arguments about it is that they are not coming from past celebrity plastic surgery she had done before, but it is all just because of diet and her age.
Or, she could just have been using Botox for her cheeks and she was too shy to admit that in front of the public?
But, not only the question of whether she really had a plastic surgery before or not, but also another question keeps floating to the surface: assume that she had a plastic surgery, is it a case of a terrible plastic surgery? This is reasonable after you look at some before-and-after pictures of Jennifer through the years. Finally, you will be the judge.
Before & After Pictures
Some big fans argue that the popping cheeks she had is not because of some plastic surgery, but simply because of her aging and diet. The proofs are the photos of young Jennifer, which show the potential of her having cheeks like that. But, whatever procedure Jennifer had to fix her cheeks, it really helps her made out of both her professional life and personal life. She is undoubtedly talented and a breaking-out star, and it is no denying that her outlook won’t be a big problem for her reaching out her career.


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